Flag Flying Requests

The USS Orleck (DD 886) museum has the privilege to support requests to fly the United States or United States Navy flags on the main mast in honor of an event or to celebrate a person’s service, reenlistment, retirement, birthday, or “just because”! If there is inclement weather on the primary date chosen, the flag will be flown on an alternate date. All flags come back with a certificate certifying the date it was flown.

You can purchase a flag from us ($35 charge)
or bring your own ($9 charge) and we will fly it on requested days we are open.

1. Please use the form below to request a date to have your flag flown (size 3′ x 5′) or Forward your request by mail to:

Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association, Inc.
2220 County Road 210 West
Suite 108, PMB314
Jacksonville, Florida 32259

2. Provide relevant information to be included on the certificate such as the date to be flown, for whom, and the occasion.

3. Forward the flag (sized 3’ by 5’ to be flown to the address above.

4. Flag will be returned to with certificate of flying.

5. Payment will be emailed from square for online payments. We also have the option for pickup and payment at the ticket office.

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Please provide your address if receiving by mail:

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