Downtown Vision Meets Opportunity

The Downtown restoration effort is the latest topic in Jacksonville with the USS Adams Museum leading the way.

Recently, the American Institute of Architects Jacksonville Chapter (AIA) presented their vision for the Downtown river front resurgence. Their plan proposed illuminated “nodes” or focal points along the river to interconnect and enhance the river front experience.

AIA’s presentation showed tremendous support and potential for the Museum’s impact on the City. Its tourism, commerce, maritime heritage and educational benefits were recognized as being vital to the Downtown and river front rebirth.

AIA’s plan for the waterway positions the ADAMS Museum as the first focal point in their vision.

The concept of illuminated focal points is a compliment to the recent winning bid for development of the Shipyards and Metropolitan Park in Downtown. Iguana Investments which is also owned by Jacksonville Jaguars’ owner, Shad Khan, is currently negotiating those development plans with the City.

While AIA and Iguana Investments have embraced the concept of the ADAMS in their plans, the Museum remains a grass-roots effort. Funds are continually being raised through private citizens and sponsorships to bring the ship to Jacksonville.

The video below demonstrates AIA’s concept and how the ADAMS is a major player in their vision.



There is still time to become a sponsor of the USS Adams Museum. Our sponsors are community anchors who are helping to reinvigorate Downtown tourism and commerce, preserve and promote Jacksonville’s maritime heritage, and expand STEM education to our youth.

Call 904-910-5241 or email to find out how you can become one of the first to sponsor the USS Adams Museum.

More information on Iguana Investments’ plan for the Downtown property can be found here.